Why should I buy a real Christmas tree?

Apart from the obvious benefits of the naturalistic beauty and wonderful smell of a real tree, and the family traditions involved in bring a new tree in to the home every year; one of the biggest benefits of a real tree over artificial are the massive environmental benefits.

The benefits of convenience which Fake Christmas trees offer such as the ease of packing away, and no loss of needles is quickly outweighed by their massive negative effect on the environment. Artificial trees are made of PVC – a plastic which is notoriously difficult if not impossible to get recycled because it requires specialist equipment.

While real trees are growing they produce large amounts of oxygen as well as removing carbon dioxide and other gases from the atmosphere.

Even real trees which end up in landfills will still have a fraction of the carbon footprint of an artificial tree. If the tree can burnt or chipped and reused it is even better for the environment, even having a negative carbon footprint!

Should I trim my Christmas tree?

Despite your Christmas tree being freshly cut for you, it may still need a little trim. Within 4-6 hours of being cut sap can create a seal over the base which will inhibit the tree’s ability to absorb water so it’s a good idea to trim a couple of inches off the base of the trunk and place immediately in to water.

My Tree is losing needles!?

When you unwrap your tree it is completely normal to find some loose needles which have been dislodged during delivery.

However, if you find that your Tree is dropping excessive needles within days receipt, your Christmas Tree may be too dry and will need to be heavily watered and moved away from any direct heat source.

How are your Christmas Trees Measured?

Our Christmas Trees are measured from the base of the tree to the top of the point. The size you order will always be the minimum height. I.e a 6ft tree will be between 6ft-6’11.

How wide will my Christmas tree be?

As Christmas trees are a natural living thing they vary greatly in size and shape. However, as a general rule, the width of your tree will be between 1/3 to 1/2 of its height.

When should I order my Christmas tree?

You can order your tree as early as you like! Just specify your preferred delivery date when you order. Your tree won’t be cut until the day of dispatch.

How long will my tree last?

With a little bit of care, your Christmas tree can still look great for up to 4 weeks. The Norman Fir in particular is known for its longevity and low needle drop.

If the tree is to be used outdoors it will last even longer. A tree displayed in November outdoors will be fine until beyond Christmas.

How should I look after my tree?

FRESH CUT TREES -Our trees are extremely fresh and are cut to order. However, the base can seal with sap within 4-6 hours of cutting making them unable to absorb water. We would always recommend trimming the base slightly them immediately placing in water.

To keep tree’s happy and healthy indoors they must be kept away from heat sources such as radiators and fireplaces and kept well watered. Check the water everyday – you will be amazed how much they can drink! (A 6ft tree can drink up to a litre per day!)

POTTED TREES- These trees will be much smaller than the fresh-cut trees and will need plenty of water and sunlight just like other house plants. After Christmas, you can repot the tree into a larger container and look after it outdoors. It will grow a considerable amount ready to bring back in next year.

How are your trees delivered?

If you live locally to us (Gateshead) Generally your delivery will be made by our own drivers. However, during our busiest times, we may still use a courier service even for local orders. For the rest of the UK we use Tuffnells Tree delivery service.

You can always leave us delivery instructions or notes if you don’t think you will be in and we will pass these messages on to the courier for you. If there is no delivery instructions and no obvious safe place to leave the tree the courier may not be able to deliver which would delay your order.

Will you install our Christmas Tree when you deliver it?

All prices are for door-step delivery only. We will not install Christmas Trees into stands or carry in to your home.

Can you guarantee a delivery date?

All of our trees are sent using premium 24-hour delivery service, for few far-reaching postcodes this will be 48 hours.
We aim to deliver to your specified date by dispatching one working day prior to your preferred delivery date. Therefore the vast majority of our trees will arrive on your desired date.
Our courier service is weekday only.
Local deliveries may be arranged for Saturdays
We will always do our best to deliver on your preferred date but please note this is not guaranteed.

If we know in advance any reason why your tree will be late we will endeavour to let you know.

Please note If your item does not arrive on your preferred day we cannot accept this as a reason for the cancellation of the order. Nor can we offer refunds for delays caused by the courier.

Can I change my delivery date?

Provided you get in touch 48 hours before the specified delivery date we should be able to change it. If the tree is already with the courier we will not be able to adjust the date.

Can I specify a delivery time?

Our courier generally delivers between 8.30 am and 5.30 pm. In order to keep the price as low as possible for our customers, this is an all-day service and we can not guarantee a specific time slot.

If you require delivery for an exact time frame please get in touch prior to ordering as this can be arranged with the courier at an additional cost.

Deliveries outside Free Delivery areas:

At present, some Scottish Highland postcodes, and non-UK mainland deliveries are subject to an additional fee (charged to us by the courier).  For deliveries to these areas, we reserve the right to cancel orders – but will contact you in that case, or arrange to pass on the extra courier charge if that is acceptable, but we will get in touch when the order is placed.

What happens if my tree doesn’t arrive?

Please inform us of non-delivery within 3 working days of your preferred date, we will then be able to investigate with the courier what has gone wrong and hopefully track the tree down. If this is not possible a new tree will be sent.

What happens if we’re not in?

If you are not home when your delivery arrives the courier will try and find a safe place to leave your tree. They will then take a photo where they have left in case of any issues. If it is not possible to leave the tree they will leave you a failed delivery note with instructions on how to rearrange your delivery.

How are Christmas Tree accessories delivered?

If you order a tree stand or other accessories, in most cases these will be sent separately from your tree as they are stored at a different location.

How Do I Dispose of My Real Christmas Tree?

Many councils will collect trees for you or you can take them to a recycling centre. Alternatively, chop it up and use as a rich scented mulch for the garden. If you bought a potted tree either replant in a bigger pot for next year or plant it in your garden to grow even bigger!